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Which Way Braai Chicks get lost in Table Bay Hotel kitchen! Shown the door on Ultimate Braai Master!

Janie Smit makes a critical error of judgement that brings her Ultimate Braai Master dream to an end. The core responsibility of the Braai Master is the braai, even the title will give you a big clue. Janie Smit either did not appreciate this fact or was simply not up to the task of taking…


Team ‘Which Way Braai Chicks’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

The Ultimate Braai Master ‘Which Way Braai Chicks’ are seasoned overland safari experts Janie Smit and Maudie Bleach. Freinds since 1996, ‘Braai Master’ Janie Smit and ‘Braai Buddy’, Maudie Bleach are well versed in the outdoor bush life having once earned their living as guides on African overland safari tours. They both saw Ultimate Braai…