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Ultimate Braai Master

Which Way Braai Chicks get lost in Table Bay Hotel kitchen! Shown the door on Ultimate Braai Master!

Janie Smit makes a critical error of judgement that brings her Ultimate Braai Master dream to an end.

The core responsibility of the Braai Master is the braai, even the title will give you a big clue.

Janie Smit either did not appreciate this fact or was simply not up to the task of taking care of the braai and palmed this responsibility over to Elaine-Ensor Smith, the Who Dares Wins Braai Buddy.

She spent her time during the Table Bay Hotel challenge down in the kitchen prep’ing the food along with Karl (Rust n Dust), Laertes (Who Dares WIns) and Lethu (Gal Power)

In doing so she split all the teams up sending her Braai Buddy Maudie, Greg and Sindi to work with Elaine-Ensor Smith .

No single team was working with each other and this seriously hampered progress in both the kitchen and on the braai.

Roger made the same mistake and it is no wonder that Nqobani led his team to victory having retained cohesive integrity within the group, sending Fat Cow and Umlilo down to the kitchen while he, his Braai Buddy and 2M managed the braai.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-janie-smit-beatenNobody looked happy in Team Janie at the beginning of the challenge… except of course for Maudie Bleach!

What made it worse for Team Janie is that things did not go according to plan in the kitchen, even with her in there.

This rolled over on to the braai team who ran over time and could not get the main course out within the allocated time frame.

This prompted Judge Marthinus Ferreira to suggest that they apologise to the guests for the long wait between starters and mains.

When it came to judgement time Marthinus dug the knife in a little further asking, “Who is the team leader today?”

He went on to say, “As the team leader I would have expected you to be one of the guys cooking the meat for us today but instead we had Elaine take control.”

To make matters even worse he added, “the prep done by the prep team was really, really bad.”

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-janie-smit-maudie-bleachTrouble at the hatchery! Maudie’s sauce doesn’t taste so lekker.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-janie-smit-dishThe paltry elimination challenge offering with the funny Namaqua flower thingy on the right.

Things did not improve with the Trout Challenge, Janie appeared shaken from the disaster the day before and her confidence was gone.

They took a while to agree as to what to make and stumbled on from there.

They presented the judges with a smoked trout with smoked brinjal and garlic sauce, some pan fried trout and to finish off a very retro Avo & Namaqua flower with Sashimi.

The judges were not impressed, especially with the flower and they quickly lost interest.

Marthinus said, “Flowers are so last season.”

With the news that they would be going home Janie managed a few words, “It’s not a nice thing but that’s where the road ends…”

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