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Team ‘Which Way Braai Chicks’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

The Ultimate Braai Master ‘Which Way Braai Chicks’ are seasoned overland safari experts Janie Smit and Maudie Bleach.

Freinds since 1996, ‘Braai Master’ Janie Smit and ‘Braai Buddy’, Maudie Bleach are well versed in the outdoor bush life having once earned their living as guides on African overland safari tours.

They both saw Ultimate Braai Master as a wonderful opportunity to relive those days on the great African plains.

Janie said, “since we live so far apart and never get to do it any more we thought why not, come on.”

“It had to be done.”

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ultimate-braai-master-which-way-braai-chicks-signAt first GGS was a little confused as to the origin of the name, ‘Which Way Braai Chicks’ but now we know that it relates to female drivers out in the bush.

ultimate-braai-master-which-way-braai-chicksJanie Smit and Maudie Bleach are hoping to successfully navigate their way through the challenges to become South Africa and the world’s first ever Ultimate Braai Masters

It would appear from the teams Cape Town audition dishes that old habits are hard to shake as the pair braaied up a feast that would feed an entire touring party, serving up flat bread with brinjal dip and Egyptian dukah in olive oil for nibbling on.

They then had a magnificent de-boned leg of lamb stuffed with prunes and bacon, coupled with garlic butter cabbage, rosemary potatoes and baked pumpkin tart.

Finally, just in case anyone was still hungry they whipped up a baked chocolate & black cherry pudding with cream.

ultimate-braai-master-which-way-braai-chicks-braaingThe ‘Which Way Braai Chicks’ braaing up a bush feast for their Ultimate Braai Master Cape Town audition

ultimate-braai-master-which-way-braai-chicks-leg-lambA winner all the way, de-boned leg of lamb stuffed with prunes and bacon

ultimate-braai-master-which-way-braai-chicks-judgesThe Ultimate Braai Master audition judges looking around for help in finishing everything that was laid out before them

Maudie Bleach commented as to how surprised she was by the whole audition, “I though it was going to be a lot more formal and the people are ‘gonna’ be a lot more competitive and stuff.”

“But it’s been so much fun.”

“It’s really very typical South African, you talk to the person next door and we’re exchanging recipes and stuff.”

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The ladies did more than enough to impress Justin Bonello and they comfortably made it through to the last 15 of Ultimate Braai Master.

Justin brought the curtain down on an excellent audition saying, “We’ll see you on the road trip.”

ultimate-braai-master-which-way-braai-chicks-justin-bonelloJustin Bonello gives ‘Braai Buddy’ Maudie Bleach and ‘Braai Master’ Janie Smit the good news, “We’ll see you on the road trip”.

The ‘Which Way Braai Chicks’ UBM bio describes Janie as being most scared of getting voted out of the competition first, while Maudie is more concerned with heights.

Although Janie is sad not to be able to share the Ultimate Braai Master road trip with her other friends, she’ll go visit some of them if she wins.

Maudie wants to build a new kitchen, with a braai and take her kids on a road trip.

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‘Which Way Braai Chicks’ Team Mantra: “It’s all about the relax speech…”

We’ll have to wait and see what that means…

We tried guessing with the team name and got that horribly wrong…

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