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Q&A with Ultimate Braai Master’s “Which Way Braai Chicks”, Janie Smit and Maudie Bleach.

Janie Smit and Maudie Bleach of ‘Which Way Braai Chicks” put together a little Q&A video to help everyone get to know them a little better.

The two ladies have been friends since since 1996, ‘Braai Master’ Janie Smit and ‘Braai Buddy’, Maudie Bleach are well versed in the outdoor bush life having once earned their living as guides on African overland safari tours.

The Which Way Braai Chicks  have some very firm views about braaing especially Maudie who believes that a spit braai is cheating and should not fall into the “braai category”.

They chat about inappropriate braai attire, no go braai weather, wood versus charcoal and male attitudes to women braaing!

Janie also reveals her corny sense of humour with, “the only thing you can’t braai is a clown… they taste funny”.

Watch Q&A with Janie Smit and Maudie Bleach

and yes we agree, they could have picked a better video thumbnail image!


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