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Fine Brandy Fusion débuts in Cape Town

At last Capetonians will get what they desired: to share in the spirit at Fine Brandy Fusion, the country’s premier brandy event. This glam gathering of brandy lovers, the city’s social set and celebrities will be hosted from 9-10 May at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. This luxury showcase of SA Brandy and the…


Flavoured Vodka for Men! Maximus Vodka

There is a new flavoured vodka hitting the world market, Maximus! Time to rise and conquer. The vodka comes in three flavours, Maximus Vodka, Peppery Raspberry and Citrus Cooler, each with its own tasting notes and a range of cocktail & shooter recipes on the website. The ad campaign has a retro Marlboro Man feel about it…


Sun triggers vodka fire at liquor store

Sunlight coming in through the windows of Red Lion Liquors was magnified as is passed through the clear bottles of Karkov Vodka which essentially acted like a magnifying glass. The heat was so intensely focused on the cardboard display behind the vodka that it eventually caught fire. The heat from the flames forced the vodka bottle tops to fly off and as the…


Brandy galore in France

Autumn marks the end of the armagnac grape harvest and the start of the distilling season in rural Gascony – a time of celebration Things are beginning to warm up nicely. It’s late October and people have been breathing clouds of fog into the crisp autumn air all morning. Now shafts of sunlight are beginning…


Limited Edition Rolling Stones Whisky to celebrate 50 years of Satisfaction!

Suntory has released a limited edition “Rolling Stones” whisky celebrating the 50 year anniversary of one of the originals. With all the fuss over James Bond’s 50 year anniversary it was looking as though Mick Jagger and the boys (or should we say ‘grandads’) were going to be over looked. Fortunately not as Suntory has…