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Quick Fix Spaghetti a la Mifuno Recipe | Jade de Waal

Try out this Spaghetti a la Mifuno recipe by MasterChef Finalist Jade de Waal. Jade de Waal has been cooking in the kitchen for quite a while now and has even made some You Tube videos of her recipes. This is a very easy Spaghetti recipe made with sausages. You can use whatever sausages take…

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Thys Hattingh gets caught in the mousse trap on MasterChef SA

A confident Thys Hattingh only ends looking like a bit of an idiot on MasterChef SA If anyone was going to win the Passion Hazelnut Gateau challenge it had to be Thys Hattingh and he knew it too. Desserts are his game and there was no doubt in his mind that the competition, Jade de…

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MasterChef SA is a cake walk for Deena Naidoo

Deena Naidoo felt that that the world had turned against him in episode twelve of MasterChef SA Deena Naidoo had found himself facing an elimination challenge thanks to his lack of wine knowledge in episode eleven of the competition. This time he was facing another task about which he knew very little, baking. The task…

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MasterChef SA Recipe Video | Jade de Waal | Avo Ritz

Jade de Waal’s childhood memory takes her back to “Putting on the Ritz” Avo Ritz is something that Jades family ate at every celebration that they had as a family and as such she has some great childhood memories of the dish. For the full recipe go to MasterChef SA | Jade: Avo Ritz

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Chorizo and Baked Beans Baguette Recipe | Jade de Waal | MasterChef

For all the students out there, pimp up your baked beans with this Beans and Chorizo recipe by Jade de Waal. When faced with a tin of baked beans it need not simply be baked beans. MasterChef finalist Jade de Waal shares her secrets to “pimping up beans” with a few simple ingredients like chorizo,…

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Jade de Waal | MasterChef SA | Video Profile

Jade de Waal is a 21 year old Jazz music student from Cape Town Her MasterChef bio describes her as being bubbly, exuberant and boisterous, She has an irrepressible energy to match her strange accent! She is passionate about food and music (particularly jazz saxophone) and she regularly hosts “FoodJams” at her house, teaching friends…