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Team ’2M’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

Team ’2M’ went Moroccan for their Ultimate Braai Master Sun City audition.

Braai Master, Sebastian Matroos and his Braai Buddy, Dumisani Malaza have been friends for four years and have teamed up to take on the Ultimate Braai Master challenge.

They went for a Moroccan vibe at their Sun City audition.

Sebastian said, “Moroccans are very renowned for cooking outdoors, so today we’re doing a bit of a Moroccan spread for everybody.”

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ultimate-braai-master-2M-sebastian-matroos-dumisani-malazaBraai Master, Sebastian Matroos and his Braai Buddy, Dumisani Malaza of team ’2M’ celebrate success at the Sun City Ultimate Braai Master audition.

ultimate-braai-master-2M-sebastian-matroosSebastian Matroos chats to the Ultimate Braai Master camera while he leaves his Braai Buddy and friend of 4 years,  Dumisani Malaza to keep an eye on the braai.

The ’2M’ Moroccan spread included Chicken & Olive Tagine served with couscous, a smoked rack of lamb with mint glaze and a skilpadjie which they prepared Moroccan style successfully fusing two African culinary styles together.

Skilpadjie is traditional South African dish of lamb’s liver wrapped in kidney membrane.

The liver is minced together with chopped coriander, chopped onion, Worcestershire sauce and a little seasoning, rolled into balls, wrapped in the membrane and cooked on the braai until crisp.

ultimate-braai-master-2M-moroccanTeam ’2M’ laid on an impressive Moroccan spread at the Sun City Ultimate Braai Master audition which included a Moroccan style skilpadjie.

Sebastian kept a very level head when he heard the good news that they had made it in to the final fifteen of Ultimate Braai Master and is fully aware as to how well they have done to reach the last fifteen.

He said, “Seven thousand wrote in, three hundred people tried out and fifteen called out in the end and we hope to stay there.”

ultimate-braai-master-2M-sebastian-matroos-dumisani-malaza-justin-bonelloA delighted Dumisani Malaza embraces Ultimate Braai Master host, Justin Bonello when they get the good news. Sebastian, while happy, is a little more circumspect knowing full well that the journey has only just begun.

The good news came as great relief to the two Ultimate Braai Master hopefuls as they had spent their last money to take part in the Sun City audition.

This should sound out as a warning to the other competitors, ’2M’ are not afraid to put it all on the line to follow their dreams.

No Facebook or Twitter yet… hmm!

Perhaps we need a sponsor seeing as they spent the last of their money getting to Sun City… anyone?

The ’2M’ UBM bio says that they are most scared of encountering wild animals during the competition and of not being true to themselves.

They think the weakest team will lack vision, hope, humour, enthusiasm and the spirit of adventure, but admit that at this point any one of their competitors can win the title.

The one thing they’ll miss the most during the trip is solitude and warmth, but if they win Team ’2M’ say they’ll be able to get their lives back on track.

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But you still have to go out and get it guys…

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