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Team ‘Chi Town Braaisters’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

The Chi Town Braaisters, Frank Dunn and Claire Walker were inspired to enter Ultimate Braai Master after braaing for friends in Chicago.

Frank Dunn (a rugby coach) entered Ultimate Braai Master to see how he would fare in the world of SA Braaiers while his partner, Claire Walker joined him on this adventure for the experience and the money.

The couple have been together for 8 years and in that time have lived in the USA where they built a reputation of being the best around a barbecue in Chicago.

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ultimate-braai-master-chi-town-braaisters-frank-dunn-claire-walkerBraai Master Frank Dunn and his Braai Buddy, Claire Walker

The name ‘Chi Town Braaisters’ is inspired from the time they were living in Chicago.

They built their barbecue reputation after having been invited round to a friends house for a BBQ and horrified to discover that this meant hot dogs, hamburgers and cheese.

They immediately set about fixing this aberration inviting their hosts back to their place for a braai so that they could show them how it should be done.

They very quickly assumed the mantle of Chicago’s Braai Masters.

Now that they have conquered the third largest city in America they are out to conquer South Africa on Ultimate Braai Master.

Chi-townFrank and Claire spent a year and a half in Chicago where they taught the locals how to braai. Chi Town is a Chicago nick name.

Chi Town is a common ghetto nick name for Chicago. Mostly used by south side residents, and famous people from the city, giving ‘props’ to their home town.

Pronounced “shi-town” we hope this does not reflect in their food during Ultimate Braai Master.

ultimate-braai-masters-chi-town-braaisters-spitBraai Master Frank Dunn taking care of business at the Ultimate Braai Master Wild Coast auditions

ultimate-braai-masters-chi-town-braaisters-spit2Frank said that there is “lots of competition out there and this is the ultimate challenge to see who is best”. Chi Town Braaisters are looking pretty good here.

ultimate-braai-masters-chi-town-braaisters-pork-bellyChi Town Braaisters served up a de-boned pork belly stuffed with beef fillet steak. If they served this to their Chicago friends they would have blown (windy city… get it?) their minds away. Hot dogs on a braai… eish!

ultimate-braai-masters-justin-bonelloUltimate Braai Master host, Justin Bonello said that it was the best pork belly he has possibly ever had.

For the Ultimate Braai Master Wild Coast audition the Chi Town Braaisters served up a pork belly stuffed with beef fillet steak but Frank Dunn;s braai philosophy extends further than just the meat on the braai.

He said, “Most people forget that the element of the braai master is not just necessarily about the braai meat.”

“(It’s) the ambience and the atmosphere around it that make(s) it.”

ultimate-braai-master-chi-town-braaisters-frank-dunn-claire-walker-kissFrank and Claire have been together for 18 years. If they win Ultimate Braai Master wedding bells may be in the air. Frank still sounds a little pensive.

Frank displays an air of confidence about him while staying humble, he says, “when it comes to braaing, that’s what we’re good at.”

They had a good feeling that they’d made it through once they saw the judges reaction to their stuffed pork belly.

Justin Bonello recognised that the Chi Town Braaisters have talent, “these guys here did a pork belly stuffed with a fillet which is possibly the best I’ve ever had.”

No Facebook or Twitter yet… vey un-chi town?

On the ‘Chi Town Braaisters’ UBM bio it says that the thing that scares them the most about the road trip ahead is not knowing what challenges to expect.

If they win, they’ll use the money to start their own business, although Frank has said something about a wedding too.

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Does that mean Chicago is Big Town….small taste?

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