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Edible Spray Paint set to give food a new finish, Goldfinger style

A German company, The Deli Garage has launched a range of edible spray paints that turns your food into a Dulux advert.


We think we know what James Bond would have used edible spray paint for.

While not ‘any colour you can thing of’ with only 4 colours available, gold, red, silver and blue they are enough to bring a touch of “Goldfinger” to your table or anywhere else you can think of.



Called Food Finish, the edible spray paint is flavourless and can be used on any foods.

The Mail Online reports project manager Kaya-Line Knust, 29 as saying:

We love to invent and produce products that are fun for both us and our customers.
We develop hundreds of ideas for new food products, but only a few of those product ideas can be created and placed onto the market.
And I’m thrilled that the spray food is one of the ideas that made it.
We all liked the idea from the beginning and luckily we found a manufacturer who can produce it for us.

And she feels that food looks better when it’s sprayed in a sparkly colour.

I love it when it’s not only our cars which have a metallic finish but also our tomatoes.
It’s great when you see not only a steak on a plate, but a gold-plated one!
We found out that it was not only us who love all that but also our customers – the food finish is our top seller and we get great feedback.




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