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McDonald’s food styling. Why what you see is not what you get!

Have who ever wondered why the food on your plate looks nothing like the photograph? Here is a behind the scenes look at a McDonald’s food styling photo shoot.

McDonald’s Canada have released a video explaining exactly why the food in the photograph looks so different to what you get in the store.

This video gives you some insight into the world of the food stylist, the people who make food food look on film.

If you have ever tried to take a photograph of food you will know that it can be a little tricky making it look good on camera, particularly red meat.

Scroll down for video

mcdonalds-burger-food-styling-comparisonA comparison between the McDonald’s Burger you see in the photograph and what you get, not exactly the same thing is it?

While all the ingredients used in the styled photograph are the same as the one that is purchased, the video reveals that they are assembled rather differently with care taken to ensure that all the ingredients are brought forward to the front of the burger so that you can see exactly what is in it, be it the gherkins, onions or cheese.

mcdonalds-burger-food-styling-picklesThe gherkins are placed at the front of the McDonald’s burger so that they will be visible.

mcdonalds-burger-food-styling-melting-cheeseThe cheese is melted ever so slightly with a hot iron

mcdonalds-burger-food-styling-ketchupKetchup and mustard is strategically positioned with a syringe

With the photographs taken the next step is to digitally enhance the images using software. It is in this part of the process that any blemishes are removed and the colours enhanced to deliver a mouth watering final image.

mcdonalds-burger-food-styling-photoshopDigital enhancement to reach the final product

mcdonalds-burger-food-styling-closeThe final image and the one that we chose as the featured photograph

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