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Next Restaurant launches it’s new menu with melancholic video titled “The Hunt”

Restaurants are finding more innovative ways to announce changing menu’s and Next Restaurant is no exception, they use videos posted to You Tube in celebration of a new menu.

Chef Grant Achatz and his ever changing Chicago restaurant recently unveiled their new menu which highlights wild game. The promotional video titled “The Hunt” has ratcheted up 50,000 views in 3 days, not bad for a restaurant really.

Previous menu’s at Next Restaurant covered Paris 1906, Kyoto and Next vs el Bulli.

Vegans and vegetarians need not be too concerned as Chef Achatz will follow “The Hunt” up with an all Vegan tasting menu in May.

This is not the only thing that Nest Restaurant does differently, to get a table you need to buy tickets.

On it’s website Next Restaurant says, “Next is creating a truly unique dining experience and doing so at an amazing price. By eliminating no-shows, requiring pre-payment, and varying the price by time and day we are able to create a predictable and steady flow of patrons allowing us to offer a great deal more than would otherwise be possible at these prices.”

Over to you Chef’s Chantell, Marthinus, Margot, Jackie, Luke and Bertus.

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Next Restaurant launches it's new menu with melancholic video titled "The Hunt", 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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