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Nomu launches its Recipe Box

Tracy Foulkes, the creator and co-director for NoMU Brands, has partnered with Penguin Books SA to produce the NoMU Recipe Box.

The ‘Recipe Box’ is a place to store the recipes that you want to try, the ones you love and those that are your own personal favourites and inspirations.

Now Tracy can share her favourite pastime with you, inviting you to personalise, collect and swap Recipe Cards as she continues to create more delicious meals, fit for any occasion, and any crowd. The first set of Recipe Card top-up packs will be available from February.

We wanted something that would not get shelved. I was brought up in the sort of home where recipes were often personalised, hand-crafted and carefully collected. Each recipe represented a technique, a memory, a special way of creating something uniquely yours. To this day, this is still very much the way I like to cook, often changing and updating and revising my favourite foodie moments as I go along. This is why the NoMU Recipe Box suits my lifestyle perfectly, and I really hope it will suit yours too!


Order yours online at Nomu Recipe Box, 48 delicious and essential recipes from our kitchen to yours

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