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Cafe offers discounted coffee for polite customers

An Italian Cafe is on a mission to improve the manners of its customers by charging more for coffee unless they follow a few simple guidelines. Patrons who simply say “a coffee” will be charged R33, those who add a please to the┬ásentence┬ápay R22 and for those happy people who add “good morning ” to…

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Oh Lord! Now it’s Gangnam Cappuccino

As Gangnam fever takes over the world, if only for a brief 15 minutes of fame, we now have the Gangnam Cappuccino! Too be honest, I don’t get out much any more so I have no idea if Gangnam fever has swept across the dusty Karoo plains or traversed the Drakensberg mountains. But if I…

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Order your Starbucks Coffee right here, right now.

Order your Starbucks Coffee online. South Africans occasionally find Starbucks coffee on their supermarket shelves but quite simply it is not often enough. Here are a few items you can order, click for the full range available. Order online via Amazon, you can also through in a few Starbucks coffee mugs. Widgets