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The hidden meanings of brunch

As with everything in life nothing is without some hidden meaning and having brunch has it’s very own. For example, a couple out having brunch on a Sunday morning means something special happened the night before. If you see a couple having brunch on a Thursday morning, something special is going to happen in the…

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Hilarious Pepsi Max Chevy Camero Test Drive Prank goes viral

The new Pepsi Max Chevy Camero test drive prank featuring NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon has gone viral and rightly so. The video features professional racing driver Jeff Gordon in disguise, getting behind the wheel of a 2009 Chevy Camero with an unsuspecting car salesman. What happens next is pure comedy and I’m quite impressed that…

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Restaurant offers discount for well behaved kids

I can’t really say that I’ve experienced the problem of naughty kids at the table next to me, the restaurants I go to never seem to have them. But here is one which obviously does and to incentivise parents into keeping control over their pack they offer a nice little discount for compliance. Via: Huffington…


Invisible driver Drive Thru prank

The Magician Prankster created a fake drivers seat in which he could hide as he drove up to the Drive Thru window to collect his order. Naturally you get a variety of different reactions from those ready to hand over dinner. One even decided to take a photograph although we do wonder why.