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Sue-Ann Allen sails close to the wind but makes it through.

Sue-Ann Allen nearly got it wrong when she most needed to get it right.

Of the three choices available from Margot Janse’s kitchen Sue-Ann opted to go with the Beetroot sponge and spinach purée with buttermilk labne and dill and cucumber granita.

She said the it was an incredibly beautiful dish and realised that it would be a push for her.

“Recreating that beetroot sponge is going to be a push for me and if I am going to make it into the finale I want to do it knowing that I’ve stretched myself”

It turned out to be a close call for Sue-Ann as she began to make basic errors like only preparing four portions and not additional components in the event that something went wrong with any of them.

Considering that hers was the most difficult to plate this had been a worry for Margot Janse.

When it came to removing the Beetroot sponge from the moulds Sue-Ann discovered that they had not set properly and had to put them into the blast freezer to try and get them to set.

Thankfully this worked and she was able to start plating up.

masterchef-sa-ep-18-sue-ann-allenA tense Sue-Ann Allen and Manisha Naidu wait to hear the judges verdict

Margot said that it lacked seasoning and the beetroot needed the salt to lift the flavour.

Pete Goffe-Wood likened it to a beetroot an Aero while Benny Masekwameng found it refreshing and Andrew Atkinson loved the buttermilk but questioned whether it had enough flavour.

All said and done Sue-Ann had done enough to make it through to the MasterChef SA Final were she will be going head to head with Deena Naidoo, while Manisha Naidu heads home.

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