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Bun in the oven for Khaya Silingile as she cranks it up on MasterChef SA

A pregnant Khaya Silingile crushes the MasterChef SA opposition with her cranking skills

The MasterChef SA contestants got to test their culinary talents on the spice island of Zanzibar in episode thirteen of the competition.

The challenge was to prepare 50 servings of Zanzibari cuisine and set up their stall at the famous Forodhani Gardens night market, where they would be selling their creations to the locals and tourists alike.

Whichever team sold the most food would win, it was as simple as that, “The Apprentice” meets “MasterChef”.

As the contestants drew coloured nails to form the teams it was looking like it would be the men against the women except that their is one extra woman in the competition and it was Sue-Ann Allen who ended up with the guys.

The teams then headed off into the market to begin planning and their menus and to buy the ingredients.

Red Team: Khaya Silingile, Manisha Naidu. Lungile Nhlanhla, Ilse Fourie

Blue Team: Sarel Loots, Deena Naidoo, Thys Hattingh, Sue-Ann Allen

masterchef-sa-ep-13-khaya-silingile-juiceA pregnant Khaya Silingile gets to work on the sugar cane juice machine during episode thirteen of MasterChef SA

They all looked very conspicuous as they wondered around the busy market in their red and blue aprons with camera’s following them everywhere.

When they entered the fish market Khaya looked as though she was taking a turn for he worse as the smell of all the fish began to make her tummy turn.

It had good reason to as Khaya proudly announced that she was pregnant. That must have given the producers a little scare and yes, for those of you have been searching for the answer on Google, Khaya is married.

Having a bun in the oven was not going to slow Khaya down though as the teams managed their tables in the night market with the ladies Red Team getting one over on the men’s (plus Sue-Ann) Blue Team by offering their customers sugar cane juice on the menu.

Khaya got to work on the juice pressing machine, which looked as though it was a relic from the industrial revolution, and cranked that baby up with such vigour leaving the blue team red faced for not having any juice on their menu.

Deena got to work to try and rectify the problem but it was too little too late as the ladies crushed the Blue Team by  218 000 Shillings to 75 000.


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