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Berdina Schurink | MasterChef SA | Video Profile

MasterChef SA contestant Berdina Schurink is 35 years old and hails from Pretoria. She used to be a financial and admin manager but resigned to enter MasterChef. Well done Berdina.

In her MasterChef DSTV bio it says that Berdina auditioned in all three cities and her perseverance and culinary flair finally came to the fore when she got through in Durban. Don’t be fooled by her soft-spoken nature and demure appearance: she is serious, determined and focused in the kitchen. Berdina specialises in French cuisine and pastry cakes, with one of her wedding cakes being featured in ‘Drum’ magazine. She’s a big fan of South African fusion food but is also aware of the French and Italian classics, and hopes this broad knowledge will give her the edge.

She fell in love with cooking as a teenager but was not allowed to cook in the kitchen with her mom. She had to wait until her mother had finished before she was allowed in.

Her favourite foods are slow cooked food that has been braising in wine for a few hours and anything with chocolate.

Her ideal restaurant would incorporate different cooking styles but with a focus on Italian and French classics.

Berdina Schurink believes that she’ll win MasterChef because she is organised, focused, can handle pressure very well and has a broad knowledge of cooking.

You can follow Berdina on Twitter @BerdinaSchurink

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