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Asian Style Chicken Wings Braai Recipe

A slightly oddly named Asian Style Chicken “Ribs” Recipe from the Aussie Griller.

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Spicy Mexican Rub Beef Kebab Skewers Braai Recipe

A Spicy Mexican Beef Kebab Braai Recipe to keep the coals going. This is a very straightforward braai recipe, simply mix the rub ingredients together and coat your meat with it. You can use any variety of veg to act as a go between and add a little more flavour to the kebab. In this…

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Spicy Chicken Burger Braai Recipe with Avocado & Salsa

A quick and easy Spicy Chicken Burger Braai Recipe with a great little Salsa to go with it. This rub is a great way to learn how to mix together your own spices. Basically look at everything that’s on your spice rack and pick and choose stuff that looks like it will work well together…


Chilli, Garlic & Lime Prawn Skewers Recipe

Get busy on the braai with this Chilli & Garlic Prawn Skewers recipe from the Aussie Griller. If you do not want this recipe to be too hot, de-seed the chillies before you blitz them with the ginger and lime juice. The prawns can be served as a starter or main. More: Braai Recipes |…

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Prawns with Garlic and White Wine Sauce Recipe

A very easy prawns recipe with a garlic and white wine sauce by the Aussie Griller. Prawns are very easy and quick to cook, all you need to do to add some flavour is to rustle up a little sauce. Butter is a perfect base for any sauce for prawns, you could also add a…

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Lamb Rump Steak Recipe | Aussie Griller

A simple guide to preparing lamb steaks on the braai with Aussie Griller. This is a very basic recipe guide for the absolute novice in the kitchen or on the braai. Simply season the steaks with salt, pepper a little garlic and off you go. Serve with salads. Lamb Steak Recipe | Aussie Griller Serving:…

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Thai Red Curry Roast Chicken Recipe

This Red Thai Curry Roast Chicken Recipe will spice things up around the braai or the dinner table. Use a local Red Thai Curry Paste and some Chilli Sauce if you like a little extra bite. If you are going to braai or barbecue this chicken, use the indirect cooking method and keep the temperature…

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Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Get creative with your next chicken braai with this pizza stuffed chicken breast. You can get pretty creative, as we do with pizzas and put together a variety of different fillings and sauces. If cooking in the kitchen you could turn it into a Chicken Kiev by coating the chicken with some flour and breadcrumbs.…

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Naan Bread Braai Recipe

Preparation aside this Naan Bread Braai Recipe will impress and makes a great snack or side on your braai day. You can use garlic butter or herb butter to spread on before serving. It only takes about 6 minutes to make and it’s easy enough to prep, just give yourself enough time. You can leave…