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How to make salads with cabbage with Curtis Stone

There are a great variety of cabbages out there which are great for making salads. The most common is coleslaw but Curtis has a few more ideas for you. First up salt your chopped cabbage with a teaspoon or two or salt which removes some of the moisture and intensifies the flavour. Once you’ve done…


Five tips for avoiding crappy crêpe’s.

Making crêpe’s requires a delicate touch and here’s a few insider tips to get them prefect. Mix the batter in a blender, you want it as smooth as you can get it and you can’t over blend. Relax the gluten and rest the batter for 30 minutes. Use a non-stick pan Pour the batter in…

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How To Make French Press Coffee

The most important aspect to any instructional video, not just how to make coffee, is to be informative and entertaining. Jason Mantzoukas gets this right on both counts, especially the entertaining bit. If you ever considered making a “How to video” yourself you would do well to take a leaf out of Jason’s book and…

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How to make meringue mushrooms

At first look you might think that these Meringue Mushrooms are very difficult to make… not really. Watch the video and you will be decorating your deserts with magic meringue mushrooms in no time.

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How to make Grilled Peppers

A quick and informative video on how to make grilled peppers You can use this same technique on other kitchen vegetables like chillies or aubergines. This is perfect for serving in a warm salad and ideal for making dips and sauces. You can also prepare over a braai. De-seed and quarter the peppers Rub the…

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How to make the perfect boiled egg for every occasion.

Dhruv Baker explains the finer details for cooking perfect boiled eggs every time. Place in the eggs into a pot of cold water and then turn the heat on to bring the water to the boil. If you place the eggs into a pot of hot, boiling water they will most likely crack. For a:…

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How to make perfect scrambled eggs

Following a few simple rules you can make perfect scrambled eggs every time. First up crack the eggs open into a cold pan, if you crack them into a hot pan you will start to fry the bottom of the eggs. Add a knob or two of butter Turn on the heat, medium – low.…