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Ultimate Braai Master

Warwick Thomas crashes out of Ultimate Braai Master

A visibly moved Justin Bonello broke the news to Warwick Thomas and his braai buddy Dayle Dohne.


Warwick and Dayle hear the bad news, their Ultimate Braai Master journey is over.

Justin Bonello looks to be taking strain with each passing week as another team leaves Ultimate Braai Master empty handed.

He said, “I know it’s a hard knock to take guys and I know that both of you staked a lot on this journey.”

“It was an opportunity for you for a new future but I think that your future is strong.”

“I think that you’ll have that opportunity coming up to you now.”

“I’m really sorry to see you go.”


Dayle strikes a lonely pose… the fish aren’t biting

Earlier in the day the seafood platter challenge had got off to a bad start for the teams that fighting it out in the elimination challenge, Fat Cow, Coal Shoulder and Cooking Soul.

They had set off to go fishing for food with an assortment of fishing rods and nets but it turned out to be a very long and hard day which was compounded by the fact that nobody caught any fish. By the time they headed off to the camp where they were to prepare their platters everybody was on a downer, the mood was sombre and ominous.

Due to there being no fish for the seafood platters, the judges, Chef Marthinus and Chef Bertus came up with a seafood fricassee recipe which the braai masters had to replicate, the loser would be going home.


Fricassee is a method of cooking meat in which the meat is cut up, sautéed, and braised and traditionally served with a white sauce

Despite their experience Warwick and Dayle were unable to pull it together serving up a bland dish despite the variety of herbs and spices available to them, it looked good but they needed more than that to stay in the competition.

It was time for them to go home…

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