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Thinus Els clashes with Greg Gilowey and comes last on Ultimate Braai Master

In a somewhat timid start to the much anticipated Ultimate Braai Master Thinus Els and Lekitlane Mokiti make an early exit.

For the first episode of Ultimate Braai Master the contestants headed up to the Orange River and the Felix Unite River Camp where they were to take on the role of river guides.

The teams were split into three groups and had to paddle down stream for 4 hours before they could even begin braaing.

The challenge was to cook a three course braai, just like the river guides do when they are out on the water with their adventure tourists.

Team leaders were appointed before they began their journey and they had to decide as to what the menu would be with just 5 minutes to fetch all the ingredients from the pantry then load them up into the canoes and head downstream.

Warwick Thomas (Fat Cow) took the leadership reins for one team, Greg Gilowey (Rust n Dust) another and seasoned safari guide Maudie Bleach (Which Way Braai Chicks) the third and last.

Heading down the river proved to be a challenge for some, especially Gal Power who saw it more as a leisurely paddle.

episode-1-ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-paddleThe teams embarked on a four hour paddle down the Orange River.

episode-1-ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-landingThinus Els with a confident and striking pose as they make landfall.

It did not take long for personalities to clash, particularly between Greg Gilowey and Thinus Els, who took offence to being called ‘dude ‘and had to remind Greg that his name was Thinus.

Disagreement over the menu and then some prolonged resistance from Thinus appeared to be the cause before Greg pulled rank and thought he’d resolved the issue.

Regrettably this was not the case as the three course meal they presented flopped… badly.

The Mustard Crusted Fillet Steak they served for the main course was raw, caramelised on the outside and blood flowing on the inside.

This had been Thinus’ responsibility and he very quickly found himself nominated for the elimination challenge along with the Chi Town Braaisters, Frank Dunn and Clare Walker.

Maudie Bleach and Warwick Thomas had led there teams to safety.

episode-1-ultimate-braai-master-greg-gilowey-thinus-elsGreg Gilowey pulls rank and calls Thinus Els aside for a Captains chat… it did not work and Greg’s team lost the Orange River challenge.

episode-1-ultimate-braai-master-greg-gilowey-boxGreg Gilowey is ready to box on Ultimate Braai Master. Best he find another approach as this did not work as he landed himself in an elimination challenge.

The elimination challenge was to prepare a Peri Peri Chicken with the curve ball being that it had to be baked underground.

Thinus Els got what was coming to him after stuffing up the steak (unforgivable) when he served up a Peri Peri Chicken that confused the judges with a host of  unnecessary sides covered in sand.

This all proved a little embarrassing for Lekitlane Mokiti who had been quite adamant earlier in the show that he was not going home, a fact that was picked up upon by a few viewers in the twitterverse.

episode-1-ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-chickenLekitlane Mokiti and Thinus Els with their Peri Peri Chicken and sand…

episode-1-ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-aloneAlone in the dark! Elimination for Green Feet as they are left behind on the banks of the Orange River.

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The show has a very distinct Cooked in Africa production feel to it, the laid back, another shit day in Africa style.

They do not build up to a suspense filled climax, everything appears to meander along, much like the Orange River just without the rapids.

Filming Ultimate Braai Master episode one and watching it are two very different events.

They might also want to make the captions legible before running episode two so we can all find out what it is that’s being served to the judges!

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