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Ultimate Braai Master

Team ‘Hout Cuisine’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

Team ‘Hout Cuisine’ brothers, Oscar and Christopher Foulkes are ready to take on whatever twists and turns come their way on their journey to becoming the Ultimate Braai Master.

The siblings entered Ultimate Braai Master for the simple opportunity to go on an “amazing road trip” around South Africa.

They also view it as an incredible opportunity to bond and have plenty of fun together.

Braai Master, Oscar Foulkes said, “We just really enjoy playing with food on the braai.”

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ultimate-braai-master-hout-cuisine-signBraai Tappas was the theme for ‘Hout Cuisine’s’ Ultimate Braai Master audition in Cape Town.

ultimate-braai-master-hout-cuisine-oscar-christopher-foulkesBraai Master, Oscar and Braai Buddy Christopher Foulkes are ready for the twist and turns that lay in wait for them on Ultimate Braai Master.

The brothers put together an amazing spread for the Cape Town audition, a selection of what Oscar Foulkes called “braai tappas”.

Justin was very impressed and said, “when we started at this competition, we said someone who can slap a tjop on the braai won’t win it.”

“The thing is you guys, I think, have set another bar.”

ultimate-braai-master-hout-cuisine-sourdough-flatbreadThe ‘Hout Cuisine’ Braai Tappas kicked off with sourdough flat bread, grilled mushrooms and wood roasted tomatoes.

ultimate-braai-master-hout-cuisine-yellowtailYellowtail smoked with citrus leaves

ultimate-braai-master-hout-cuisine-kudu-loinKudu loin seared with black pepper, coriander and cumin (now they are really showing off)

ultimate-braai-master-hout-cuisine-porkPork Belly with mango salsa, which they prepared with fresh mango, dried mango and atchar (now having a real go)

ultimate-braai-master-hout-cuisine-chocolate-puddingTo finish it all off ‘Hout Cuisine’ served up a chocolate pudding that was a big hit with everyone, especially the youngsters

Oscar was very a confident man after Justin’s comments but is definitely the pragmatist on the show.

He said, “For the people that are there for the 8000km and all 52 days, there will be more than enough twists and turns in the road to keep everybody on their toes.”

Oscar also believes that there is no room for fear in a competition such as this and that fear will get in the way of creativity.

Team ‘Hout Cuisine’ appear to be preparing for a long and arduous journey to become South Africa’s first Ultimate Braai Masters.

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On the ‘Hout Cuisine’ UBM bio, Christopher says that he’s scared of orphaning his son.

Things the Foulkes brothers will miss the most are for Oscar, making himself a cup of delicious coffee in the mornings and for Christopher it’s cigars, if he doesn’t plan his supplies very carefully.

If they win, Christopher will put his share of the money in an educational trust he started last year for underprivileged, but deserving kids and Oscar will get rid of some debt, buy his kids new shoes, school uniforms and invest the rest.

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‘Hout Cuisine’ Team Mantra: “If you’re feeling in control, you’re just not going fast enough”

Keep it steady round the twists and turns though guys…

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