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Baby Back BBQ Ribs Braai Recipe

A Baby Back BBQ Ribs Recipe

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Fillet Steak Braai Recipe with a Cherry, Port & Thyme Sauce

Gourmet up you next Steak Braai with this Fillet Steak with Cherry, Port & Thyme Sauce Recipe from Jamie Purviance, author of Weber’s Way to Grill. This recipe is all about the sauce which will really spruce up you steaks, gourmet style. More: Braai Recipes | Steak Braai Recipes | How to Braai Steaks Fillet…

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Green Beans Braai Recipe with Vitamin C

Jamie Purviance has some great tips for cooking vegetables on a braai, in the example he makes a green beans braai recipe using Vitamin C to help make the beans look great on the plate. He got the idea from a chef friend of his who uses Vitamin C when he makes pesto to keep…


How to braai a whole chicken on a gas or charcoal braai

You might want to try roasting a whole chicken on a braai, it is very easy as long as you use an indirect cooking method on the braai. Preheat the braai up to 180°C and set it up for indirect cooking over a medium heat. With the indirect braaing method the fire is positioned on…