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How to braai chicken perfectly.

A guide to the perfect chicken braai and the best chicken you will ever cook on a braai. First up make sure that you season the chicken well but the key to a perfect chicken braai is managing the temperature of the braai. Set up the braai to accommodate direct and indirect cooking. In order…


How to braai a whole chicken on a gas or charcoal braai

You might want to try roasting a whole chicken on a braai, it is very easy as long as you use an indirect cooking method on the braai. Preheat the braai up to 180°C and set it up for indirect cooking over a medium heat. With the indirect braaing method the fire is positioned on…


How to baste chicken on the braai

A quick and easy guide to basting chicken on a braai. First up make sure that you braai grill is clean. If your marinade or basting sauce has sugar as one of the ingredients you do not want to place the chicken over a very hot braai, either allow to cool a little or raise…