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Roast Beef Recipe with Horseradish Relish and Red Wine Jus

As Sunday roasts go a Roast Beef Recipe tops the list of favourites. Try this recipe with a Horseradish Relish and Red Wine Jus. There is not much to beat a family sitting around the table on Sunday afternoon tucking into a large cut of Roast Beef. In this instance the recipe is using a…

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Panna Cotta Recipe | Curtis Stone

Treat yourself with this easy classical Italian Panna Cotta recipe from Curtis Stone with a few handy tips thrown in for good measure. Panna Cotta (cooked cream) is an Italian dessert made by simmering cream, milk and sugar together. Mix in a little gelatin and then allow it to set. The dessert is best served…


Easter Pie | Torta Pasqualina Recipe | Something rustic and ancient

This Easter why not try something rustic and ancient like this Torta Pasqualina Recipe, other wise known as Easter Pie. This Easter Pie Torta Pasqualina, is not quite as old as the mountains in Liguria, Italy from where it originates but it certainly dates back a few hundred years at least. This is a traditional…

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Pork Belly Recipe with Mushy Peas & Polenta | Marthinus Ferreira

A Pork Belly recipe with Pigs Ears Reduction from a true MasterChef, Marthinus Ferreira of DW Eleven – 13 DW Eleven – 13 was nominated as one of South Africa’s top restaurants last year. Owner Marthinus Ferreira has a very respectable CV which includes stints at Heston Blumenthal’s Michelin Star “Fat Duck” and Gordon Ramsay’s…

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Pressed Pork Belly Recipe with Garlic & Thyme | Gordon Ramsay

An easy Pressed Belly of Pork Recipe from Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay raised two pigs in his back garden, naming them Trinny & Sussanah. Unfortunately for Trinny & Sussanah they were not raised to spend their lives being pampered by the Ramsay’s but to be eaten. Watch Ramsay prepare an easy pressed pork belly recipe,…