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Angelfish Recipe with Pesto, Asparagus and New Potatoes | Pete Goffe-Wood

MasterChef Judge Pete Goffe-Wood and his Angelfish Recipe with pesto, asparagus and new potatoes. When it comes to the braai we all to often get overrun by boerewors, chops and steak, a fish braai is often overlooked. My theory on this is that nobody really believes that a meal can cook so quickly and have…

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Greek Kleftiko Parcels | Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley Harriott travels to the tiny Greek island of Alonissos in his search of the world’s best al fresco recipes. Ainsley shows you how to cook Kleftiko parcels and garlic pita fingers. Followed by Figs with Greek Yoghurt and Honey.

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Boerewors and Spicy Butternut Recipe | Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley Harriott visits South Africa and heads straight for the braai with a traditional boerewors and spicy butternut squash recipe. Chop up 4 cloves of garlic, add a pinch of salt and paste it with the edge of your knife. Add the juice of half a lemon, two teaspoons of ground cumin, a pinch of black pepper…

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The South African BraaiLympics. Hilarious Braaiboy video!

Braaiboy is at it again, this time with the South African BraaiLympics. Not satisfied with holding the Guinness World Record for the longest braai marathon, Braaiboy is establishing the South African BraaiLympics and annual event with some crazy antics and a serious side too as they search for the best braai team to represent South…

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Awesome BBQ Ribs Recipe | Tyler Florence

If you like ribs then you are going to really love this BBQ Ribs Recipe by Tyler Florence. When it comes to finding great recipes it is always important to look in the right place. When it comes to BBQ sauce for Pork Ribs, America should always be one of the first places you look.…

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Lemon & Garlic Prawn Recipe

Another easy Prawn Recipe for the braai from the Aussie Griller, this time with lemon and garlic. You can add any variety of herbs or spices to this mix, play with it and create your own flavours. More: BraaiRecipes | Prawn Braai Recipes | Prawn Recipes Lemon & Garlic Prawns Recipe | Aussie Griller Serving:…

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Ultimate Braai Master! Cooking Crayfish with Justin Bonello.

Ultimate Braai Master Justin Bonello shows you just how easy it is to cook crayfish. If you are ever in survival mode and have come across some crayfish and nothing else, this is how you do it. Get a fire going and simply place the crayfish on top of the coals or wood, let them…

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A Salmon Recipe stuffed with Tarragon and Sun Dried Tomatoes

If you’re looking for something special, this Salmon Recipe stuffed with Tarragon and Sun Dried Tomatoes will be perfect for the next braai or barbecue. Fish is a perfect meal to serve when entertaining a group of people. It is easy to cook, and can be quite economical compared to larger quantities of meat.  Most…

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Grilled Lamb Chops & Pesto Butter Recipe | Dhruv Baker

This Lamb Chops Recipe has very little to do with the chops, its all about the Pesto Butter. This is an excellent video to watch if you want to learn how to make flavoured butter. In this recipe MasterChef UK Winner Dhruv Baker is using Pesto but you can experiment with many different types of…

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Char Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe with Garlic, Paprika and Oregano | Curtis Stone

For the absolute beginners, a Lamb Chop Recipe with Garlic, Paprika and Oregano from the man down under, Curtis Stone. This lamb chop recipe is incredibly quick and easy to make and Curtis Stone throws in a Greek Salad and Vinaigrette recipe into the mix too. Melbourne has the worlds third largest Greek population after…

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The Ultimate “Walk & Talk” Chicken Feet Recipe

The Ultimate Braai Master “Gal Power” audition Walkie Talkie Recipe, also know simply as Chicken Feet. Walkie Talkies are a very common snack food in South Africa. They are not unique to South Africa though and can be found in many countries around the world including China, the West Indies and Korea amongst others. The…