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Team ‘Popeye and Olive’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

Father and daughter team up to form ‘Popeye and Olive’ in Ultimate Braai Master.

Team ‘Popeye and Olive’ arrived at the Wild Coast Ultimate Braai Master auditions with everything except the kitchen sink.

Roxanne van Breda is the Braai Master and she has brought her father Barry Davis along as her Braai Buddy.

They presented the judges with a nifty three course meal which consisted of a mushroom in garlic herb butter stater, a steak with cream cheese, chives and jacket potatoes for mains and finished it all off with a fruit sosatie with bar-one sauce dessert.

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ultimate-braai-master-auditions-popeye-oliveFather and daughter team up to create Popeye and Olive on Ultimate Braai Master

ultimate-braai-master-auditions-popeye-olive-table The three course meal of a mushroom in garlic herb butter stater, steak with cream cheese, chives and jacket potatoes and a fruit sosatie with bar-one sauce.

The judges were very impressed with the presentation to which Barry admitted, “he would never think of this”.

Roxanne, whose bubbly character is no doubt going to entertain everyone was very quick to quip, “Well, I’m the brain”.

So the roles and responsibilities of this father and daughter double act have been clearly laid down right from the very beginning.

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It would also appear that Ultimate Braai Master is, just as MasterChef SA before it, going to be giving contestants the chance to follow their dreams.

Roxanne fell pregnant at the young age of 18 and had to put her dreams of pursuing a career in food on hold as parental responsibilities took centre stage.

She said, “I love cooking”.

“I love working with food and experimenting”.

“I had a baby when I was 18 so I couldn’t go and study (to be a) chef because I became a mom”.

“Maybe this will give me an opportunity to have my dream of being a chef”.

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Roxanne’s worst fear is making a weird dish like offal and then having to eat it, she’s not really a tripe kind of girl.

She says she’ll really miss her husband (sorry guys) and her daughters, but that it’ll be worth it because “mommy’s bringing home the bacon”.

If they win, Popeye and Olive will split the money and share the car. Barry will donate a portion of his share to charity.

‘Popeye and Olive’ Team Mantra: “Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes!”

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