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Ultimate Braai Master

Roger Harris doesn’t know what he’s doing! Oscar Foulkes whips the rug out from under him.

Oscar Foulkes gets right up Roger Harris’ nose on Episode Three of Ultimate Braai Master as he walks away with the judges praise.

If anyone should never be allowed to write a book on “How to make friends and influence people” it should be Oscar Foulkes.

Once the teams had been randomly allocated and the team leaders appointed Oscar set about having his say and getting in the face of team leader Roger Harris.

He walked up to Roger and said, ” I’ve been on one team challenge with you and you kind of getting involved in everybody else’s stuff.”

“So you are overseeing but just please, let people do their work.”

This simply made Roger’s job more difficult and he appeared to back off to such an extent that his leadership was not visible and allowed Oscar to take control of the team challenge.

This is what Ultimate Braai Master is all about, dominant personalities all vying for control of the braai and big, burly, tattooed, gravelly voiced Roger Harris got dominated by Oscar.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-roger-harrisOscar Foulkes begins the team challenge by questioning Roger Harris’ leadership skills.

Roger’s lack of co-ordination was evident in the kitchen when Justin Bonello asked him who was prep’ing and who was grilling.

As Roger fumbled, Chef Dallas Orr stepped in and demanded, “Who is the team leader?”

When Roger said it was him Orr followed up with “right choose your four that is prep’ing, choose your four that are grilling.”

It was Claire Walker, Ronel Theron, Christopher Foulkes and Lee Jennery that would remain in the kitchen to prep while the remaining grilling four, Billy Stanley, Frank Dunn, Oscar and Roger would retire to a hotel room where Oscar would take full control..

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-three-fingersOscar Foulkes and the ‘this is how I want it done’ three finger tap.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-flat-handOscar Foulkes and the ‘end of story’ flat hand accompanied by the power clench.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-power-claspOscar Foulkes and the ‘you can discuss it all you want but I’m still doing the grilling’ power clasp.

Oscar pretty much presided over most of the meeting, sitting in the corner chair occasionally clasping his hands in a power pose.

He immediately set out to grab the key gilling component of the challenge saying, “Put me in charge of the grill.”

“All the elements that need to go through the grill whether it’s warming plates or colouring food or cooking food, I’ll handle that.”

He then slipped in, “but Roger it’s your call who you want.”

“Maybe you should be delegating courses or tasks, whatever.”

“I’m just saying think like a chef, take the risk areas and allocate accordingly.”

To make matters worse for Roger, an unhappy Frank stepped into the discussion putting his weight behind Oscar for the grilling job.

Roger finally made an attempt to stamp his authority on the group saying, “All we need to do is to map out each course and we follow how we map it out.”

“I’ll maintain that we follow that course.”

It wasn’t much of a ‘stamp’ as Frank shook his head, Billy remained static and Oscar was secretly delighted that he’d got what he wanted, the grilling job.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-set-prep-areaAt the braai area Oscar was still calling the shots, “What I think we should do is set up all the prep for the starters here.”


episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-bertus-basson-marthinus-ferreiraThe Ultimate Braai Master Judges come to the conclusion that Roger Harris doesn’t know what he is doing.

Once they got started with the grilling it was immediately evident to both judges that they were not organised.

Marthinus Ferreira said, “It just shows you the guy who is leading the team doesn’t know what he is doing.”

“For this challenge you need a sous chef, a head chef and your subordinates and at the moment the subordinate is Roger who is the team leader.”

For a while Roger thought that everything was going along fine saying, “It’s going well, I think we’re all pretty calm and we’re working as a team, everyone is doing there thing.”

By the end of the session he readily admitted however that “this could have gone better but we finished on time and we did what we came here to do.”

“We’ll see what happens.”

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-roger-harris-oscar-foulkesOscar maintains his composure while Bertus praises him for his performance, ‘mission accomplished’, Roger looks as though he is considering violence as an option.

When it came to judgement time it was Bertus who gave Roger the bad news, “The positive things for me unfortunately Roger, it wasn’t you, it was Oscar.”

“Oscar, today you shone, behind the grill, you took more control of the situation than you should have done.”

“Roger you we’re out of your depth.”

The news could have been worse, they could have faced and elimination challenge but that honour went to the disaster that was Team Janie.

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