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Glory, Glory, Nqobani! Cooking Soul goes marching on!

Nqobani Mlagisi proves you don’t have to be a loud mouth to put out good food on Ultimate Braai Master.

After an evening of being wined and dined in luxury at the 5 Star Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town the Braai Master’s awoke the next day to find that a very different challenge awaited them.

The meal they had enjoyed the night before had been prepared on an open fire and the challenge for the day would be to replicate it.

The group was divided up into three teams through a process of selecting a cloche with different coloured aprons underneath. Those who picked a particular colour apron found themselves teaming up for the day.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-clocheThe lesson for the day… those silver domed things are called a ‘cloche’ (French for ‘bell’). Beneath them lay different coloured aprons which defined the teams.

It was Nqobani Mlagisi who assumed the mantle of leadership for his team, more new territory for him to explore.

The night before had already provided the man from North West province with a new experience.

Wearing a tuxedo for the first time he said, “I’ve never actually even dared think about wearing a tux’ ever in my life.”

“I don’t know what perceptions people (have) out there, you know, maybe they will say the Braai Master show is for moffies.”

When it came to accepting the role of team leader, Nqobani was no ‘moffie’ although we’re not exactly clear as to what Sebastian Matroos meant when he said, “once Nqobani’s name came out we were all behind him immediately.”

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-team-nqabaniTeam Nqobani, Dumisani Malza, Dayle Dohne, Nqobani Mlagisi, Warwick Thomas, Martyn Schickerling, Mbuso Mlagisi, Annerie Burger, Sebastian Matroos

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-cooking-soul-nqobani-mlagisi-tuxedoWhen Nqobani discovered that he had to wear a tuxedo for dinner he was very concerned that people back home might think he was a ‘moffie’.

At first Nqobani was a little nervous about his new found responsibilities but soon got into gear sending Fat Cow and Umlilo into the kitchen to manage the prep work while he and 2M would take care of the braai.

This was a master stroke, while the other team leaders split the individual teams up, Nqobani kept his together and had teams working within a team.

The cohesiveness was there for all to see.

He said, “The nervousness subsided and I feel like we’re in a group calm stage.”

Everyone down in the kitchen worked well together and believed that they were the best people for the job at hand.

Annerie Burger said, “We’re all very focused and we plan everything beforehand.”

Martyn Schickerling  felt confident because they were all going full steam ahead.

epidode-3-ultimate-braai-master-annerie-burger-dayle-dohneAnnerie Burger and Dayle Dohne had everything under control in the kitchen along with Warwick Thomas and Martyn Schickerling

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-2M-sebastian-matroos-scallops-marthinus-ferreiraMarthinus Ferreira keeps the pressure on Sebastian Matroos. There had been some problems with the scallops and valuable time had been lost.

Despite having some problems with the scallops and timings, which got Judge Marthinus Ferreira all riled up, Team Nqobani always appeared calm and in control.

Bertus Basson conveyed his concerns to Nqobani when he said, “You know what my biggest issue with you guys right now (is), nobody is stressing.”

Nqobani was having none of it saying, “They want me to panic and run around  like a chicken but I don’t do that.”

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-cooking-soul-nqobani-mlagisi-team-hugsIt was team hugs all round once they had finished the challenge.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-cooking-soul-nqobani-mlagisi-best-dishMartyn Schickerling’s face said it all… shock when they heard that their mains was the best dish yet on Ultimate Braai Master!

It was not all clean sailing though, Nqobani said, “As team leader there was a lot of pressure, the pressure almost got to me there.”

“I almost felt as if I didn’t have control of the team or I was losing it but then I got my emotions together and we pulled it through.”

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When it came to crunch time and the teams gathered together to hear their fate Marthinus made the announcement, “timing and communication was a bit of an issue in the beginning.”

“The prep team did a reasonably good job.”

“Overall you guys were the best of the day.”

Bertus then stunned the team when he said, “It was the best dish we’ve eaten on the whole show so far.”

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