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Muslim Judicial Council to decide if Cape Town Burger King should have its halaal certificate revoked

The Muslim Judicial Council is reportedly holding a meeting to decide on the future of the Cape Town Burger King’s halaal certification.

The Times reports that Hassen Adams whose Grand Parade Investments operates the franchise, is also a shareholder in the Grand West Casino and race horse owner.

The matter has been raised by People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD) whose spokesman, Abdullah Salie said,

We’re simply speaking from an Islamic perspective because the owner is involved in a gambling establishment [Grand West Casino] and it’s money that is derived from a business that causes devastation among many families.

He also said that PAGAD has no objections to Burger Kings entry into South Africa.

Burger King opened two weeks ago with much fanfare and Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille in attendance to do the honours at the opening ceremony along with a very happy Hassen Adams.


The Muslim Judicial Council’s spokesman on issues of halaal, Ahmed Sedick, said a “fatwa committee” of “five to seven members” was set up to rule on the halaal status of Burger King in relation to Adams.

The council has no qualms about Burger King’s methods of food preparation but Adams’s business dealings were problematic for many in the Muslim community.

Images: Burger King Facebook

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