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MasterChef SA Recipe Video | Ilse Fourie | Pork Shoulder

Ilse Fourie strikes back the only way she knows how, by winning.

Ilse Fourie was not happy with receiving the second lowest performance rating by her Red Team SAS Amatola Challenge colleagues, some of whom form part of the Cape Cabal.

She looked nervously on, biting on her finger nails as first Sue-Ann Allen, then Thys Hattingh, Guy Clark and Babalwa Baartman stepped forward to choose their pork cut from the options available.

Ilse had expected to be higher up the rankings and was not happy to be behind Lungile Nhlanhla and only just ahead of perennial under performer Mmutsi Maseko.

This only seemed to spur the model contestant on and she got her revenge by having her citrus sherry pork shoulder with braised cabbage and mash potato recipe voted the second best of the day behind Lungile’s pig tails with steamed bread.

For the full recipe go to MasterChef SA Recipes | Ilse: Citrus Sherry Pork Shoulder with Braised Cabbage and Mash Potatoes

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