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MasterChef SA’s Lwazi Mngoma reckons cooking quail is an un-African thing to do.

MasterChef contender Lwazi Mngoma shares some of his braai knowledge.

Lwazi was responsible for the braai during the Harvest Day Team Challenge on MasterChef SA. This included three very different types of produce, ostrich fillets, quail and asparagus.

When it comes to the Ostrich Fillets he recommends getting the braai very hot, to around 320C and all they need is a quick sear, about 90 seconds each way.

The quail was a different challenge which he hadn’t cooked before, “it’s such an un-African thing to do” he’d said earlier in the day. In the video he says that it requires a more subtle heat, about 260C and then begin to reduce the heat and cook for 20 minutes per bird. It was not entirely Lwazi’s fault that some of the guests did not enjoy the quail, he had cooked it as per his instructions.

Lwazi Mngoma braaing quail MasterChef SA Ep 5 2012

He enjoyed cooking the asparagus, leave it till last and braai for a couple of minutes.

Do you think Lwazi should be entering Ultimate Braai Master next, if he doesn’t win MasterChef.

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