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MasterChef SA Episode Three | Verdict | Ilse and Charles

Ilse Fourie and Charles Canning get the good MasterChef SA news while Cameron and Callie Ann go home.

Ilse Fourie was relatively absent in episode three of MasterChef South Africa. We can only assume this is because she cruised through the braai stage with no drama worth sharing with the South African public.

Thus far in the competition Ilse has appeared composed, determined and without doubt a contender for the title of South Africa’s first MasterChef. She whipped the competition into submission in episode three and would appear to be in cruise mode at the moment.

She cried tears of joy at hearing the news that she was progressing and the popular contestant moved onwards and upwards in the competition. She is going to step it up a gear or two though as the show progresses. You know what they say about cream, it always rises to the top.


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