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Manisha Naidu complicates life with too many components and departs MasterChef SA

Manisha Naidu chose a complex dish which led to too many errors.

Of the three options available Manisha chose to go with the Quail and braised fennel with porcini, liquorice root purée and liquorice glaze, from Chef Margot Janse’s menu.

The Top Three had been treated to a special three-course menu by Margot Janse at The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek.

They each got to choose which course they would attempt to recreate for the MasterChef SA semi finals.

Sue-Ann Allen went with the beetroot sponge, Deena Naidoo selected the baobab and pear parfait and Manisha, the quail.

They were briefed to make four servings each and had 90 minutes to do it in.

The number of components on the plate caused problems for Manisha.

This led to her leaving one component, the pea shoots off the plate and despite getting the quail spot on other aspects of the dish we left wanting.

Margot and Andrew both picked out Manisha for her presentation, with Andrew Atkinson saying at this stage of the competition it could be crucial.

When it came to tasting the dish Andrew said that the quail was cooked to perfection.

Pete Goffe-Wood picked out the fennel, something that Manisha had been aware of, in that it was not cooked properly and stringy, he also said that her plate was untidy.

Finally Margot missed the pea shoots, which were an integral part of the dish and picked up on Manisha about seasoning, not enough salt on the quail.

It was Andrew Atkinson who delivered the bad news and Manisha leaves to rejoin her husband.

Will he recognise her though, as the Manisha Naidu who left the MasterChef kitchen in episode eighteen is not the woman who arrived in episode one.

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