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From the makers of how to eat a cupcake. How to eat a strawberry!

FoodbeastTV is at it again and this time they’ve moved on to strawberries. In this instance the correct terminology is how to “hull a strawberry.”

From the crowd who showed you how to eat a cupcake we now have how to eat a strawberry.

In addition to hulling strawberries with a straw you can use your fingers, but then you need long fingers nails to pinch it out. This method can be messy and if you are a fussy eater it will not be for you. You will also be adding some unknown biological organisms to your strawberry, who know where your fingers have been?

Another method is to use your teeth, “grabbing the bit between the teeth” as they say but that is more for horses.

John Dryden’s poem The Medal, 1682:

But this new Jehu spurs the hot-mounted horse,
Instructs the beast to know his native force,
To take the bit between his teeth and fly
To the next headlong steep of anarchy.

You could also use a pairing knife but this can be tricky if you are looking for a “clean hull” and you may need a couple of attempts to get it done and again, it will not be a clean cut.

At the end of the day the straw looks to be the best option, it is clean, it is elegant and would look good at the dinner table.

Your friends would be in awe of you!

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