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How to braai chicken perfectly.

A guide to the perfect chicken braai and the best chicken you will ever cook on a braai.

First up make sure that you season the chicken well but the key to a perfect chicken braai is managing the temperature of the braai.

Set up the braai to accommodate direct and indirect cooking. In order to manage the temperature on a braai you must have different temperature zones which will allow you to move the chicken around when needed and prevent burning or over cooking. Use 2/3rds of the braai for direct and 1/3 for indirect.


Start to braai your chicken over the direct heat coals and braai for 8-10 minutes turning half way with the lid on. This will caramelise the skin and crisp up the fat.

Once the chicken has browned move them across to the area of the braai with no coals and if you wish add some wood chips to the coals, this will give your chicken braai a nice smoky flavour, Jamie is using hickory.

Place the lid back on the braai and cook for another 20 minutes.

Finally Jamie bastes the chicken for the final 15 minutes of braaing, if you put the basting on too early the basting sauce will burn, especially if you are using one with sugar which will caramelise quickly and then burn, leaving you with black pieces of chicken.

The moral of this story is that “low and slow” is the best way to braai, even for chicken!

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