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Boerewors Burger Braai Recipe | Heston Blumenthal

South African inspired cooking from Heston Blumenthal and a lesson for us all. It’s how we flavour our food that really defines a nations cooking style.

At first I was a little confused, the burger on the braai is not South African at all, it’s the boerewors that is truly South African. But then when you dig a little deeper to understand what makes boerewors so delicious, it’s not the shape of the meat, it’s how we flavour it with herbs and spices. Understanding this is very important when it comes to flavouring other meals and making it South African, just like Heston has done with his burgers.

The best thing about this video is that Heston is able to pronounce “braai” properly… no doubt thanks to having spent time in South Africa as a young man and even once considered opening a restaurant in the country.

So the next time you are shopping for boerewors, take a careful look at the different varieties on the shelf, do you have a favourite?

Boerewors Burger Recipe | Heston Blumenthal

Serving: 6 | Prep: 15 min | Cooking: 10 min

Beef Mince 500 g
Pork Mince 500 g
Breadcrumbs 20
Coriander Seeds 10 g
Ground Cloves 1/4 teaspoon
Ground Nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon
Salt & Pepper
Dijon Mustard
Iceburg Lettuce
Emmentaler Cheese
Hamburger Rolls 6

For the Burgers
1 . Toast the coriander seeds
2 . Grind them down using a pestle and mortar
3 . Pass through a sieve and discard the husks
4 . In a large bowl mix together the ground coriander, the mince, ground cloves, ground nutmeg, salt & pepper and breadcrumbs.
5 . Divide the mixture into 6 balls approximately 180g in weight
6 . Flatten each ball into a burger shape

1 . On the braai cook the burgers, flipping every 15-20 seconds until to your liking
2 . Just before they are ready place a slice of cheese over each one and put the lid on. If you don’t have a lid for your braai skip this step or use a grill
3 . You can also toast the rolls at this time if that’s how you like them
4 . After a minute the cheese would have melted
5 . Serve up

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