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The ‘Green Feet Team’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

The Green Feet Team is punting a Rainbow Nation vibe on Ultimate Braai Master with Tinus Els and Lekitlane Mokiti teaming up like Mandela and de Klerk.

Braai Master, Tinus Els is a winemaker and his Braai Buddy, Lekitlane Mokiti a restaurateur so the two as a combination have a lot to offer the show, especially if Tinus is able to turn his talents from wine making to witblits while out in the bush on Ultimate Braai Master.

Leki’ says that he likes to run restaurants wherever possible and we are looking forward to see how well he sets up stall in the locations that UBM takes them to on their epic journey across South Africa.

They never for a moment thought they wouldn’t make it through to the final 15, because they have flair, are organised and have great timing.

ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-team-tinus-els-lekitlane-mokitiLekitlane Mokiti and Tinus Els get caught by the Ultimate Braai Master camera’s while Tinus was trying to sneak in a banana.

ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-team-mandela-de-klerkTinus Els said, ” I think it is nice to have a buddy that we can show our culture… braai.”

The Green Feet Team prepared a suckling pig on a rotisserie for their Ultimate Braai Master Cape Town audition.

It was the 10th pig that Tinus has braaied so he was never going to have any problems of his own making but he was concerned that the weather gods may have other idea.

As the clouds began to gather over Cape Town (as they do) he began to worry that he would not have enough time to get everything cooked on time.

It was going to take 3 hours before the 10kg  Miss Piggy would be ready.

His decision to go with a small one paid off as they managed to plate up their audition dish to the judges with no problems at all.

ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-team-pig-marketThis little piggy went to market and then it went to it’s Ultimate Braai Master audition.

ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-team-pig-bastingTinus Els gives his little piggy a good basting.

ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-team-pig-spitBraai Buddy Lekitlane Mokiti applies the finishing touches, he said “it’s gotta be done one way, just right”.

ultimate-braai-master-green-feet-team-pig-eatenThe Ultimate Braai Master judges made quick work of The Green Feet’s team suckling pig on the spit.

Tinus said that if they win Ultimate Braai Master they would like to start up a braai academy to teach people how easy it is too cook food with just fire and source ingredients from the natural environment around them.

He the wrapped up his day with a beer followed by a good pinotage.

No Facebook or Twitter yet from the Green Feet Team… sorry for you!

The UBM bio for the Green Feet Team says Tinus is most scared of being eliminated from the competition first and Leki really doesn’t want to eat worms.

If they win, they’ll take a percentage of the money for their own personal use and the balance will be invested in a business that they say will be a result of winning the competition.

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