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Fat to Fit in Five Hours!!! How to create those before and after fitness photo’s with the help of junk food! All is revealed…

We’ve all seen the adverts claiming to turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger in a few simple steps by following a training program and purchasing their magical products.

An American blogger, has produced a video in which he shows us exactly how it’s done and it’s not necessarily as the advertisers claim.

Furious Pete recommends heading to the gym for a big work out to get you all pumped up with muscles bulging. Then you take the after shot first but not before spraying yourself with cooking oil to accentuate every muscle and rip.

Then comes the fun part as you take it easy for a few hours, eating as much junk food as you care to enjoy while not forgetting to down a few litres of soda to get the tummy really bulging. Now you’re ready to take the before photo!

It all makes perfect sense.

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