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Ultimate Braai Master

Team ‘Fat Cow’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

Love them or hate them Team ‘Fat Cow’ are in it to win Ultimate Braai Master.

Braai Master Warwick Thomas and Braai Buddy Dayle Dohne have been friends for three years and own a cooking school.

This might explain their extreme confidence that they are better than everyone else in the competition.

Warwick said, “Our team work is top and I think we cook better than everyone else anyway.”

Dayle shares the same opinion as Warwick saying, “Chefs might be good in the kitchen but they might not be a braai master so we just want to take on that challenge.”

She also has complete faith in her business partner Warwick, ” I have confidence in my braai master.”

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ultimate-braai-master-fat-cow-warwick-thomas-dayle-dohneBraai Master Warwick Thomas and Braai Buddy Dayle Dohne are full of confidence with Warwick in particular believing that they can cook better than everyone else.

They put together a feast for the Wild Coast audition, totalling eleven recipes.

Dayle who in addition to being the Braai Buddy took up the mantle of team spokesperson said, “The whole idea is to do the cooking and make sure that the food is good.”

“Doing eleven recipes was quite a challenge in itself and starting from scratch.”

They presented Justin Bonello and the Ultimate Braai Master judges with prawn, chorizo and lemon skewers, smoked salmon, roasted baby veg with tuna steak and rock cod.

ultimate-braai-master-fat-cow-prawn-chorizoFat Cow gets everything prepped for the Ultimate Braai Master audition.

ultimate-braai-master-fat-cow-justin-bonello-judgesJustin Bonello and the Ultimate Braai Master audition judges tuck in to the Fat Cow spread.

ultimate-braai-master-fat-cow-auditionOne of the Ultimate Braai Master judges said, “I’m not gonna forget these guys.”

Their early confidence was justified as Justin and the judges tucked into ‘Fat Cows’ audition menu.

One of the judges said, “I’m not gonna forget these guys.”

Justin Bonello said, “that is amazing”, “that’s fantastic”.

“I have a suspicion we’ll be seeing more of you.”

ultimate-braai-master-fat-cow-warwick-thomas-justin-bonelloJustin Bonello tells Warwick and Dayle that he has a suspicion that he’ll be seeing more of them.

A triumphant Dayle said, “It’s been a long week planning.”

“I’m glad it all came together like it did.”

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The ‘Fat Cow’ UBM bio says that they entered Ultimate Braai Master to showcase their culinary skills.

They’re most scared of is sharing their beds with snakes.

Insomniac Warwick says he’ll miss his TV the most.

If they win, they’re planning a trip to Italy.

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on the udder hand Darren…

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