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“My Dad is not to blame!” Roxanne van Breda fights back! Oscar Foulkes backs her all the way!

Roxanne van Breda stands up for herself and her father following Ultimate Braai Master exit!

Roxanne van Breda was quick to respond to a GGS article that she blamed her father for their episode two Ultimate Braai Master failure.

In the episode Roxanne was heard saying that Barry would have to “fork up” the R500 000 prize it they got booted out of the competition.

She said, “I don’t think he understands how much this competition means to me”.

“He’s got it all, it’s okay for him he doesn’t need this competition”.

“He’s got to do things a certain way and it’s my way this time” she insisted.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-barry-davis-roxanne-van-bredaTesting times for Barry Davis and Roxanne van Breda during the Ultimate Braai Master episode two challenge

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-barry-davis-roxanne-van-breda-eliminationA despondent Roxanne and Barry get the news that they are going home.

Roxanne responded on the Gourmet Guys facebook page saying, “My dad is not to blame at all!”

“I respect him and appreciate all he has done for me to get as far as I did!!”

“It was luck of the draw…we had a problem with heat and the wine did not reduce…”

She then went on to say, “My father is a great man and i would not have made it as far as i did without him!!!”

“He might not have culinary experience but he sure is my pillar of support and he’s always there when I need him!”

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-roxanne-van-bredaOscar Foulkes displayed some excellent leadership qualities during the episode two  team challenge and continues to back Roxanne and Barry long after Ultimate Braai Master has finished filming.

Oscar Foulkes, team leader that day, also came out in support of Roxanne and Barry saying, “Roxanne van Breda and Barry are two of the beautiful people I met on Ultimate Braai Master.”

“I can understand why the producers made that ‘story-within-a-story’ the focus of yesterday … it is ‘reality’ TV, after all.”

“If you took the time to get to know them (as we all did) you may have framed your piece in less sensationalist terms.”

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