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Team ‘Cooking Soul’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

Ultimate Braai Master contenders, Team ‘Cooking Soul’ brothers, Nqobani and Mbuso Mlagisi are true their name and have got a lot of soul.

The Mafikeng brothers entered Ultimate Braai Master for the adventure, the thrill of the challenge and the opportunity to have an amazing adventure together.

Braai Master Nqobani Mlagisi said, “cooking runs through our family.”

“We’re like a small little catering company.”

“There’s auditions for almost everything now, if you think you can dance, if you think you can sing so we thought we could cook.”

Braai Buddy Mbuso Mlagisi talked up his brothers abilities, “there’s a lot of knowledge up in there (Nqobani’s head) and I’m just good support.”

The brothers felt that entering Ultimate Braai Master would be a good bonding experience.

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ultimate-braai-master-cooking-soul-nqobani-mbuso-mlagisi-expressingTrue to their name ‘Cooking Soul’, Ultimate Braai Master finalists Nqobani Mlagisi and his Braai Buddy brother, Mbuso have got a lot of soul

Tactically they got their audition menu spot on serving up ox tongue which none of the judges appeared to have had before and were impressed with.

The brothers also approached their audition with a very calm attitude and were not even thinking about whether they would make it or not.

They made sure that they had fun with what they were doing and allowed the result to take care of itself.

ultimate-braai-master-cooking-soul-nqobani-mbuso-mlagisi-braaingCooking runs in the family as Nqobani and Mbuso get to work at the Ultimate Braai Master Sun City audition.

ultimate-braai-master-cooking-soul-braai-boyUltimate Braai Master audition judge, Braai Boy is impressed and gives ‘Cooking Soul’ the thumbs up

ultimate-braai-master-cooking-soul-nqobani-mbuso-mlagisiIt was only when their names were called out did it sink in as to how important Ultimate Braai Master was to them.

It was only when the audition finalists were being called out that it sunk in how important this was.

Mbuso said, “It actually matters whether we are in or out all of a sudden, I found myself nervous.”

“I just though we were going to braai, don’t worry about it but when they called out my name I found myself ecstatic and so overjoyed to be part of it.”

Part of Mbuso’s strategy now is to focus on half a million rand, a beautiful car and believe that they can do anything.

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No Facebook yet…. c’mon guys we need some of that ‘soul’ in our timeline.

On the ‘Cooking Soul’ UBM bio it says that Nqobani will miss his comfy bed and bubble baths????

If they win the cash they will fix up their parent’s house and invest the balance as a stepping-stone to even greater things in their lives.

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