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Make your pizza at home, in the oven or on the braai, just how you like it every time.

The other week I finally bought myself a pizza stone. It has long been on my kitchen wish list thanks to some fond memories at my ex-girlfriends sister’s house on Friday evenings when the whole family would gather to make pizza’s accompanied by a few glasses of wine & beer. As family dinners go making…


Face Mug with Doughnut Holder

So you’ve got your morning coffee and doughnut except your table is covered with important papers and no where to plonk down your doughnut.   Never fear an answer is near in the shape of the face mug doughnut holder. Available for $18 from uncommongoods Via Foodbeast 


How to juice a lemon using a fork.

Even if you are using a fork, are you getting all the juice out of you lemon? The same principal to be applied to all citrus fruits, limes and oranges etc.. Unfortunately every time you juice a lemon from now on you will have “On the beautiful Blue Danube” running through your head. It could…


Ultimate Boys Toy! The Dining Table Train Set.

Turn your dining experience into a playground with a Train Track Dining Table. You’ll never have to pass the salt again! Maybe not quite everyone’s cup of tea but if you are a child at hard with a wad a cash to blow this Dining Table Train Set might just be up your alley. Developed…


How to sharpen knives, some myths exposed!

How to sharpen knives, Curtis Stone debunks a myth that even had us fooled. The steel rod ‘thingy’ that you have in your kitchen does not sharpen your knives, it only evens the blades out. If you want to sharpen a knife you need a stone upon which to sweep the blade back and forth.…


How to make your own still.

If you’re a true DIY hero here is your opportunity to achieve legend status amongst you family and friends. Make you own still! Just follow these relatively straightforward guidelines, I say relatively as you will need some DIY skills before you start this project. You will need a 20L pressure cooker, stove, copper tubing, a…