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Ultimate Braai Master

Bad day at Maitjiesfontein for Sebastian Matroos as 2M take a bow.

Tough day at the office as Sebastian Matroos faces several hurdles and then fails to make it past the final one.

Sebastian Matroos decided that today was the day that he was going to volunteer for team leadership.

Looking back he might well have regretted that decision when one looks at who was in the team.

episode-5-ultimate-braai-master-roger-harris-disruptsRoger Harris goes in search of his wooden spoon and disrupts Gal Power at the potjie.


Frank Glum Dunn, he never seems happy.

Ronel Theron had found herself surrounded by some very strong Braai Masters while whoever was to take the reigns of the other team would have to deal with Roger Harris and to an extent Frank Dunn who has also had a couple of confrontations during Ultimate Braai Master but most importantly seldom appears happy.

Despite being fully aware of the challenge that lay ahead with such a big menu Seabastian volunteered saying, “I volunteered but I asked for the backing of the team and everybody’s willing and raring to go.”

He did at times have to step in and help Roger regain his focus asking him to “try and keep it in control” but when you have such a tough job ahead of you that’s not what you need to be wasting time on.

It was no surprise when Sebastian picked Roger and Frank to join him in the elimination challenge.

The elimination challenge that awaited the three was to prepare the perfect lamb chop.

They had to assemble three on a plate for the judges who would then decide their fate.

episode-5-ultimate-braai-master-sebastian-matroos-lamb-chopHard at work during the Lamb Chop Elimination Challenge, only one of their chops was to make the grade though with the other two letting them down.

episode-5-ultimate-braai-master-sebastian-matroos-heads-highSebastian Matroos and Dumisani Malaza depart Ultimate Braai Master the same way they arrived, with their heads held high and a smile on their faces.

The Chi Town Braaisters and Coal Shoulder were the two teams to continue their journey while Team 2M of Sebastian and Dumisani Malaza would be going home.

Justin Bonello appeared to be holding back the tears, it seems as though each goodbye is beginning to take its toll on the man.

episode-5-ultimate-braai-master-justin-bonello-tearsJustin Bonello looking as though he is holding back a tear.

Both Sebastian and his Braai Buddy Dumisani’s parting words were humble and full of grace.

Dumisani said, “I don’t have anything bad or sad to say.”

“I’m happy, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the show.”

“Getting this far has meant a lot to me.”

Sebastian was a lot more philosophical as he got all emotional about the braai saying, “Braaing is not just about the meat on the fire.”

“Braaing is also a primal thing but if you’re busy engaging with the people around you, you are creating a sense of place and a memory wherever you light your fire.”

He believes that the person who can achieve that should win the competition.

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