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Heston Blumenthal admits to using tampons for soaking up juices in his mouth!

The chef claims that by soaking up the juices in his mouth with a tampon he enjoys the ‘richness, creaminess and sweetness’ of the food much more.

Blumenthal told the Guardian: ‘If you drain the moisture in your mouth you experience richness, creaminess and sweetness more intensely and there is really nothing more absorbing than a tampon.”

‘If you have a spoonful of ice-cream then put a tampon on the tongue for a couple of minutes when you eat the ice-cream again the taste will be richer.’

The Michelin Star Chef was introduced to the idea when he met oral physiologist Don Prince at a Netherlands food research centre in Wageningen.

He reportedly described Mr Prince as ‘brilliant but mad’ and said they had ‘played around’ with different tampons as they tested their absorbency.

The Michelin-starred chef admitted that people might think it was weird to put a tampon in their mouths, but said that if unused it was only an absorbent piece of material.

There will however be no tampons being served as taste aids at any of his restaurants.

We must stress to all those who are going to give this a go, please use a fresh, unused tampon!

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