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The Wine Robot! It prunes, de-suckers, records data and they’ve called it ‘Wall-Ye’.

French inventor develops a wine robot to prune, de-sucker and record data on the soil and fruit.

While we don’t see this going down well in the Cape, French winemakers have already begun to express an interest in the machine which they ultimately hope will be able to harvest grapes too.

Wall-Ye draws on tracking technology, artificial intelligence and mapping to move from vine to vine, recognise plant features, capture and record data, memorise each vine, synchronise six cameras and guide its arms to wield tools.

An in-built security mechanism is designed to thwart would-be robot snatchers.

It has a GPS and if it finds itself in a non-designated vineyard, it won’t start. It also has a gyroscope so it knows if it’s been lifted off the ground.

The Huffington Post reports that one wine maker, Claire Gazeau-Montrasi said, “”I think it could be a bonus to have a little robot who does the boring jobs for us.”

“The ones that require the least brain power.”

Other French wine producers like Chateau Mouton-Rothschild are already signing up for test runs.

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