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Team ‘Who Dares Wins’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

From the Western Cape, Laertes Melidonis and Elaine Ensor-Smith make up Team ‘Who Dares Wins’ in the fist season of Ultimate Braai Master.

Laertes and Elaine have known each other for 24 years and consider themselves to be family.

Laertes says that they complement each other well, “We both have diverse talents that complement each other”.

“I hunt, I fish, I spear fish”.

He then went on to say, “Elaine is brilliant with spices and hot things”.

While we are confident that Elaine is capable of a lot more than just spices we hope that during the show Laertes will expand a bit more on Elaine’s range of talents giving her a little more credit.

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ultimate-braai-master-who-dares-wins-elaine-laertesLaertes Melidonis chats about his special talents for hunting and fishing while life long friend Elaine Ensor-Smith looks on

ultimate-braai-master-who-dares-wins‘Who Dares Wins’ with a few subtle changes to the original – we like it!

Laertus said they chose the name ‘Who Dares Wins’, “because it is a good motto to live by”.

300px-Special_Air_Service_cap_badgeThe motto originated with the British Special Air Service (SAS) and is today used by nine special services around the world that have a connection to the SAS.

These include the special military services in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, Greece, Israel and Belgium. The motto was also used by the Rhodesian Special Air Service pre 1980.

It now takes pride of place on Ultimate Braai Master, although the motive has been modified to include a chicken and a cooks knife.

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They prepared a Yellowtail for the Ultimate Braai Master judges and followed that up with Grilled Banana’s with syrup for the audition.

It certainly kept the judges happy with one saying, “Delicious, well done guys”.

The Yellowtail looking pretty damn good on the braai.

ultimate-braai-master-who-dares-wins-judgesThe judges give it a thumbs up and Who Dare Wins makes it onto Ultimate Braai Master.

On the UBM profile Laertes says he entered Ultimate Braai Master because he loves challenges, can hold his own against the best around a fire and was inspired by his daughters to take the leap.

Elaine is most scared of encountering spiders on the trip, while Laertes’s fear is doing something silly on camera.

They both believe that the title of the first Ultimate Braai Master will reside in Cape Town after the impressive audition rounds.

Elaine has a long list of things she would love to do if they win the title, including buying a new bicycle and getting a yorkie.

Laertes wants to build a cottage in the Karoo to share with his family and friends.

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‘Who Dares Wins’ Team Mantra: “COOK IT, EAT IT, WIN IT!”

We think they may have left “kill it” off the beginning of that mantra.

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