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The Truth About Wine, Tall Horse Wines finally admits it!

Tall Horse wines hit the nail on the head and reveal the truth about wine!

Kurt Schoonraad takes centre stage in this hugely successful ad campaign for Tall Horse Wines

The campaign is the brainchild of interactive online video agency AUGUST with the basis of the concept that the Tall Horse belief that wine should be enjoyed rather than learned and poke fun at the industry which is generally regarded to be elitist.

AUGUST created and produced the full clip then worked with Lowe Cape Town to edit three additional teaser videos to generate extra awareness. The videos hit over 12,000 YouTube views in the first two weeks of release with over 680 000 Facebook news feed impressions, 400 shares and 800 extra likes added to the Tall Horse Facebook page.

All I can say is, “my sentiments exactly”.

The campaign has even caught the attention of the Huffington Post.


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