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Keep warm this winter with Moyo and some hearty traditional African fare.

When winter arrives, plans need to be made to comfort the body and warm the soul. Africa and winter might be an unseemly match, but a few hours at moyo will remind you why winter is something to look forward to: beautiful venues, cosy blankets, the nostalgic hum of African music and a menu that will remind you of all the beauty this continent has to offer.

At moyo you’ll discover a variety of traditional dishes from all over Africa that promise to spice up your winter.  moyo prides themselves on using  ethical and sustainable products, sourced from their Rock Star farmers. All spices used in the dishes are preservative free.

The Chicken Yassa is a Senegalese style, free range chicken dish that will warm away the chill with its intrinsic spicy flavours. The main ingredient is paprika which is loaded with vitamin c.


Chicken Yassa

The Lamb Tagine is slow-cooked with organic apricot jam, cumin, turmeric and paprika. Cumin is not only a symbol of love in some countries; it has been valued since ancient Egypt for its healing properties. It boosts your immune system and will even assist in a good night’s rest.

Get the recipe here!


Lamb Tagine

Bobotie has a distinct home-cooked feel and is a choice comfort dish. For vegetarians, moyo’s Lentil Bobotie is low in calories, but high in nutrition. Lentils are also high in iron which increases energy levels.


A Lentil Bobotie

The Samaki Kavu dish is for fish lovers and originates from Tanzania: curried, toasted crushed peanuts, coconut milk and turmeric.

Ostrich Berber is marinated in a blend of spices that is distinctly Ethiopian. Cloves, cardamom, ginger and cayenne pepper is synonymous with the radiating warmth of a fire place.

Wrap a moyo blanket round your shoulders and allow the spices to warm you on the inside.

There is only one restaurant where you can have your hands washed with a sense of ritual, your face painted and your soul enriched, and you’ll experience the various foods of Africa under one roof at moyo.

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