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No room for tree-hugging, eco-warriors on Ultimate Braai Master as Green Okes get the chop!

The two “green” teams have been eliminated from Ultimate Braai Master in quick succession as Green Okes are the next to go.

Last week it was Green Feet and this week it’s Green Okes, proving that tree-hugging, eco-warriors have no place around a braai.

The braai is a man’s world and real men braai with wood!

Green Feet’s Tinus Els had said that if they won Ultimate Braai Master they would start up a braai academy to teach people how easy it is too cook food with just fire and source ingredients from the natural environment around them while Green Okes’ Tshepo Nkosi wanted to “bring a green slant to braaing” and if they won the competition would start an organic farm.

Both teams dreams have come to a quick and abrupt halt!

ultimate-braai-master-green-okes-tshepo-nkosi-modise-khoabaneTshepo Nkosi and Modise Khoabane make a second round exit from Ultimate Braai Master.

In a surprise twist, two teams were up for elimination in episode two and the pressure was on.

The preceding group challenge in Lambert’s Bay, where two teams had to replicate the Muisbosskerm restaurant’s menu had left the two teams inseparable and a draw was called.

The team leaders had to pick out a single person that had been invaluable to them in the challenge with the rest having to braai off against each other the next day, in Scarborough, with mussels freshly plucked from the rocky shoreline.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-beachcombingUltimate Braai Master hopefuls make their way to the rocks in search of mussels

Oscar Foulkes and Laertes Melidonis had led their teams admirably during the challenge, particularly Oscar who had to put up with Roxanne and her father, Barry Davis who forgot to scale the hake and did a botch job in filleting it too.

Oscar picked Thomas Warwick (Fat Cow) as his main man while Laertes had little to consider when picking expert fisherman Billy Stanley (Stoned Olives) as his most invaluable asset.

This led to the rest having to battle against the wind in Scarborough as they tried to keep their fires stable, delivering heat to the mussel pots.

Mussels Recipes

The Green Okes failed miserably at this task serving up raw mussels to the judges.

They, along with Popeye and Olive leave the competition without making much of an impact.

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